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Can you believe it’s November already? Thanksgiving, of course – even Christmas is right around the corner. Next week we’ll be blogging about Thanksgiving-themed cakes and treats, but today we want to jump ahead and mention that our cookie and specialty trays are perfect for the entire holiday season. Christmas already? Yes. People are already asking us so we’re answering – and the orders are coming in.

Oteri's Pastry Tray a favorite for every party!

Oteri’s Pastry Tray a favorite for every party!

We are always amazed at how popular our pastry tray is. Well, actually we’re not amazed – we love our pastries, too – mmmmm! Oh, sorry, we just closed our eyes and imagined a mini cream puff melting on our tongue. Woo – okay, let’s concentrate here (lol). And the kids – they go crazy for the éclairs and cannoli. Sticky hands and faces, shining eyes and happy hearts!

How it happens – we bake as we were taught in the family. Our original recipes, hand rolled from hand-mixed doughs. Pastries as fresh, flaky (it’s the butter!) and mouth-watering as we remember them growing up.

Oteri's Cookie Tray, a blend of Italian Cookie, Butter Cookies and Biscotti

Oteri’s Cookie Tray, a blend of Italian Cookie, Butter Cookies and Biscotti

Our cannoli shell is a family recipe, too. 100 years young – crisp and flaky. Filled with sweet ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. All our pastries and cookies are made with real butter, eggs, sugar, flour and chocolate. Good enough for our great grandparents, good enough for us!

When we host Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and visit friends and family everyone loves our pastry trays. Oh, and our cookie trays! Not going to forget about those. The tray is so festive – colorful butter-cookies and traditional Italian cookies. And of course some biscotti as well. You can choose which cookies or we can – whatever’s easier for you.

Cookie tray or pastry tray, they come in three sizes. We help you bring the sweetness to any holiday gathering from “a few good friends” to “the gang’s all here!”

Our cookie and pastry trays are great for corporate holiday events, too. Who says you can’t have fun at work?