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The Oteri’s Italian Bakery Family

Oteri’s is a family business and everyone on our team is considered a family member. Most of our staff members have been educated at local or international culinary institutions, and regularly pursue continuing education in their areas of expertise to ensure a constant influx of fresh ideas and new technologies.



Lisa started working in the family business in the late 1970s at age 13. All of her education came on the job at the knee of her father, Thomas and her grandfather, Anthony who passed along the knowledge they had acquired from Gaetano and the Italian culinary and baking tradition. In 1996, Lisa assumed a larger role in the operation, working with Thomas to help grow the business before taking over his role upon his passing in 2006.

The Management Team

  • James

    Director of Operations
    The self-styled "Chief dish and bottle washer" is, in many ways the heart and soul of the Oteri's Bakery family. In the early 1970s, also at age 13, "Jimmy" started at Oteri's as a weekend dishwasher. Picking up tidbits about the bakery fro
  • Carol

    Director of Wholesale Operations
    Just as her sister Lisa did, Carol has been working at the store since childhood, hanging around and taking in knowledge from those around her. Carol spent time in sales before becoming a specialist in the wholesale side of the business.
  • Walt

    Director of Cake Production
    Married to Oteri sister Corinne, Walt has been with Oteri's since 2000. He started as a driver, moved inside to become "oven man," essentially a grunt, and learned under Jimmy Flood to progress to his current position in production.

The Production Team

  • Hector

    When Hector arrived at Oteri's in 1998 as a helper, he spoke not a word of English. Fifteen years later, he is the only one charged with mixing the recipes Oteri's turns into its fabulous products. Hector is responsible for mixing every dough, batter and icing on Oteri's vast menu.
  • Alcides

    Pastry Maker
    A Cuban immigrant who's been with the Oteris since 1989, Alcides makes all the bakery's non-Italian pastries: Cuban, French and Spanish. He brought some of his own Cuban recipes from home, adding a Spanish flair to many of Oteri's pastry offerings.
  • Joseph

    Production Manager
    "Joey" works in the production side of things, following in the footsteps of his father Jimmy, from whom he is learning the business, continuing the family tradition of passing the Oteri's know how from generation to generation.

The Customer Service Team

  • Iris

    Customer Service & Personnel Manager
    Another longtime Oteri's employee, Iris started 15 years ago as a packer. From there, she moved to the front of the house to work in the store and now she supervises all Customer Service personnel.
  • Mike

    Store Manager and Choclatier
    Mike began working in the Center City bakery in 1982. When that location closed in 1987, Mike joined the bakery team at 5th Street and has become that location's manager and maker of chocolate, dipping our delicious chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Irene

    Customer Service
    Irene came to Philadelphia from Italy and started working at Oteri's South Philadelphia store in 1972. She currently performs customer service in all three Oteri's locations, and is beloved by Oteri's customers everywhere. Irene is a true Oteri's treasure!

The Decorating Team

We believe our 16-member decorating team is the best in the city! Each decorator is uniquely talented and each decorator's special talents are maximized to the fullest. Every member of the team has a particular area of expertise and works exclusively on that specialty. With everyone doing only what they are the best at, every Oteri's decorated product is unique and expertly crafted.

Behind the Scenes