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Move Over Cupcakes…Make Room for Cake Pops!

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Pop - Cannoli Cream filled wrapped with milk chocolate - A Yummy Treat!

Pop – Cannoli Cream filled wrapped with milk chocolate – A Yummy Treat!

Whether it is called a trend, fad or pop culture…they all point to something that is developing or changing and collectively followed enthusiastically for a period of time based on popular taste. You might be asking yourself, “How does this relate to a bakery?” Well for the last few years the trend has been cupcakes. They flooded the market and have certainly given cake a run for its money. Although cupcakes are still a popular baked treat, there is a new trend in town and it is taking the world by storm. Move over cupcakes and make room for Cake Pops!

Cake Pops can be described as a more convenient version of the cupcake. They are soft cake, in any flavor, rolled in icing or dipped in melted chocolate and toppings – some have filling inside and then chilled with a lollipop stick. Cake Pops are whimsical, versatile and delicious! They are the new “in” thing and definitely have the “it” factor. They are a fresh approach and will wow people because the concept is new and different. Cake Pops are easy to eat, decorative; kids love them and are great for any occasion.

At Oteri’s we have an assortment of delectable Cake Pops; tasty, irresistible mini creations on a stick! Check out our brownie pops, cheesecake pops, red velvet pops, peanut butter pops, and strawberry cake pops. My personal favorite is our cannoli pops made with our famous ricotta cheese and chocolate chip cannoli cream recipe, then dipped in chocolate with crushed cannoli shells on the bottom. All of that yummy goodness on a stick! What could be better? You can buy one, a dozen or an entire tray!

Are you enticed? Great! Join in the rage and for your next event consider serving Cake Pops! They are incredibly fun, extremely cute, delicious little morsels that will be the buzz at your next party.  Cake pops; the perfect bite-sized indulgence!

Pop - Cheese Cake Pop

Pop – Cheese Cake Pop

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From Our Family to Your Family with Love!

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