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Best Cake on the Block!

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Are you looking for an unforgettable cake that is different and original? A cake that will stick in the mind of your guests that they will be talking about long after your party ends? Specialty design cakes can be any shape, size or form from traditional designs to images drawn from today’s pop culture. Whether your cake is for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby shower, wedding, or special event; anything you dream up can be made into a reality. Here are some innovative ways to spice up your cake and create a masterpiece that will decorate your table and wow your family, friends or business associates.

3D and fondant cakes in any shape will take your cake up a notch! They can represent a hobby, favorite book, a beloved character, occupation, sport, designer bag, or obsession! They are fun and fancy and fabulous!

Adding height with multiple tiers, an array of colors, texture, patterns or plenty of details will turn your cake into a piece of art. Who wouldn’t be impressed by an extravagant piece of food art that gracing your table?

Cakes with added bits and pieces like glitter, or a figurine, some flowers, a monogram or cake topper will give your special cake a little glamour, dramatic edge, personal touch or elegance that stands out above the rest!

How about accenting your specialty design cake with a touch of bling adding sparkling crystals, swirling ribbon and bows or for those of you with a trace of a wild side; animal print! These complementary treasures will surely take your cake to the next level.

Specialty design cakes can be simple with subtle accents or intricate with bolder more prominent decorations. The idea is to create a cake with pizzazz that is central to your celebration. It should be spectacular and memorable and deemed The Best Cake on the block!

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From Our Family to Your Family with Love!

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Geno’s Steaks 47th Anniversary Cake – September 8, 2013

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Oteri’s Italian Bakery was given the opportunity to design and bake the 47th Anniversary Cake for Geno’s Steaks, a Philadelphia Institution since 1966.  This was the largest 3D Specialty Cake that they have ever created.   The cake was presented to Geno’s Steaks at the Philadelphia Art Museum.


Lisa Oteri and Buddy Valastro from TLC’s new show Bakery Boss in the center surrounded by Oteri’s Italian Bakery staff.  Buddy and the TLC crew had just completed shooting an episode of  the Bakery Boss featuring Oteri’s Italian Bakery.


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