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Move Over Cupcakes…Make Room for Cake Pops!

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Pop - Cannoli Cream filled wrapped with milk chocolate - A Yummy Treat!

Pop – Cannoli Cream filled wrapped with milk chocolate – A Yummy Treat!

Whether it is called a trend, fad or pop culture…they all point to something that is developing or changing and collectively followed enthusiastically for a period of time based on popular taste. You might be asking yourself, “How does this relate to a bakery?” Well for the last few years the trend has been cupcakes. They flooded the market and have certainly given cake a run for its money. Although cupcakes are still a popular baked treat, there is a new trend in town and it is taking the world by storm. Move over cupcakes and make room for Cake Pops!

Cake Pops can be described as a more convenient version of the cupcake. They are soft cake, in any flavor, rolled in icing or dipped in melted chocolate and toppings – some have filling inside and then chilled with a lollipop stick. Cake Pops are whimsical, versatile and delicious! They are the new “in” thing and definitely have the “it” factor. They are a fresh approach and will wow people because the concept is new and different. Cake Pops are easy to eat, decorative; kids love them and are great for any occasion.

At Oteri’s we have an assortment of delectable Cake Pops; tasty, irresistible mini creations on a stick! Check out our brownie pops, cheesecake pops, red velvet pops, peanut butter pops, and strawberry cake pops. My personal favorite is our cannoli pops made with our famous ricotta cheese and chocolate chip cannoli cream recipe, then dipped in chocolate with crushed cannoli shells on the bottom. All of that yummy goodness on a stick! What could be better? You can buy one, a dozen or an entire tray!

Are you enticed? Great! Join in the rage and for your next event consider serving Cake Pops! They are incredibly fun, extremely cute, delicious little morsels that will be the buzz at your next party.  Cake pops; the perfect bite-sized indulgence!

Pop - Cheese Cake Pop

Pop – Cheese Cake Pop

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From Our Family to Your Family with Love!

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Best Cake on the Block!

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Are you looking for an unforgettable cake that is different and original? A cake that will stick in the mind of your guests that they will be talking about long after your party ends? Specialty design cakes can be any shape, size or form from traditional designs to images drawn from today’s pop culture. Whether your cake is for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby shower, wedding, or special event; anything you dream up can be made into a reality. Here are some innovative ways to spice up your cake and create a masterpiece that will decorate your table and wow your family, friends or business associates.

3D and fondant cakes in any shape will take your cake up a notch! They can represent a hobby, favorite book, a beloved character, occupation, sport, designer bag, or obsession! They are fun and fancy and fabulous!

Adding height with multiple tiers, an array of colors, texture, patterns or plenty of details will turn your cake into a piece of art. Who wouldn’t be impressed by an extravagant piece of food art that gracing your table?

Cakes with added bits and pieces like glitter, or a figurine, some flowers, a monogram or cake topper will give your special cake a little glamour, dramatic edge, personal touch or elegance that stands out above the rest!

How about accenting your specialty design cake with a touch of bling adding sparkling crystals, swirling ribbon and bows or for those of you with a trace of a wild side; animal print! These complementary treasures will surely take your cake to the next level.

Specialty design cakes can be simple with subtle accents or intricate with bolder more prominent decorations. The idea is to create a cake with pizzazz that is central to your celebration. It should be spectacular and memorable and deemed The Best Cake on the block!

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From Our Family to Your Family with Love!

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His Cannoli Cream or Ours?

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We were so excited and privileged to be featured on TLC’s Bakery Boss with Buddy Valastro of the hit show Cake Boss which aired on Monday December 30th. Buddy came into our bakery to give us a face lift and to help us take our cakes, decorating skills and entire bakery to the next level…To Become the Best, Landmark Bakery in Philly! (This would make my Dad Tom proud).


Buddy, a family oriented, 4th generation baker, immediately noticed how close knit our family is and the desire we have to keep the legacy (especially in my father Tom’s memory) alive. He is a tough critic and it was rough at first, but it is his job to point out the issues, and then give us advice, suggestions and tools to improve. It was an emotional experience to say the lease; to reminisce about my dad (who passed away), to be challenged on recipes we have used for generations, and then to see the transformation of our main location. We saw it go from a cluttered, eclectic store with loud colors and an old worn out sign to a beautiful new looking location that appears bigger, cleaner, brighter and upscale. My favorite part was the Oteri Family wall of black and white generational photographs of the family, highlighting my dad. It is beautiful…the color is perfect; everything is right and something that my father would have done. He definitely would approve. We are an old school Italian Bakery with a modern twist!

We are proud to boast the best cannoli in Philly!

We are proud to boast the best cannoli in Philly!

He tasted and critiqued some of our cakes and pastries, but the big test was for our best selling, most loved product; our cannoli with a recipe we have used and passed down for 100 years. Say what you want about anything but DON”T mess with my cannoli! Buddy liked our cannoli but thought his was better so we challenged him to a taste test, and would let the customers decide! After all, according to Jimmy (Assistant manager and part of the Oteri’s Bakery family for over 40 years), he has been making cannoli cream longer than Buddy has been alive! We stand by our cannoli! We are proud of our cannoli and although our customers love them, the challenge did not go our way. Buddy offered us his recipe to use moving forward but completely understood and respected us if we continued with our 100 year old recipe! Everyone wants to know what we decided to do…his cream or ours?  What do you think??


 A highlight of the show was when we were asked by Buddy to make a cake for Geno Vento of Genos’ Steak’s (a legendary South Philadelphia landmark) 47th Anniversary to feed 2000 people and be presented at The Philadelphia Art Museum (Another Philadelphia Landmark). We had one day’s notice and it was the biggest challenge to date! It was a 12 foot long, 600 pound cheese steak cake made with fondant! We did it! Thousands of people gathered at The Art Museum and we were thrilled when Geno said “Oteri’s delivered! We are coming back! Next time we need a cake we know where to go!”

 It was an amazing opportunity to work with Buddy. It may have been rough at first, but in the end we were one big happy family and ended the episode with a big family HUG! We are very grateful to Buddy for giving us a wonderful, eye-opening experience! Thanks to your expertise and advice, we know we WILL be the best bakery in Philly and become a Philadelphia Landmark and a household name!

 From Our Family to Yours with Love!

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